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Clean Green Cambodia is an initiative of the Cambodian NGO Soulcial Trust. This project aims to spread environmental awareness around Cambodia. We gather on our online platform sustainable initiatives and businesses to facilitate partnerships and create a network, we write or share articles to spread information about different environmental topics in the community. We mostly focus on waste management and reduction as it is the easiest / first thing to do when an individual wants to be careful with his environmental impact.
Besides, we also offer workshops for schools and businesses, free conferences for businesses, free webinars, or movie screenings.
We are also proactive in our city of Siem Reap by organizing clean ups with our partners and trying to mobilize local government in our projects.

Scope of work

Our platform:
– gathering all sustainable initiatives in Cambodia in one single platform to make it easier for everyone to find green places and activities they can trust, to facilitate partnerships and create a network between these initiatives.
– sharing awareness ressources (ours and others) for free: for schools, NGOs, businesses, etc.
– sharing awareness articles and information, talking about ongoing issues related to environment in Cambodia, sharing inspiration to take action.

Our main projects:
– organising free conferences for businesses (hotels and restaurants mostly) to encourage them becoming more eco-friendly and show the how to do so in Cambodia
– organising free webinars for businesses or individuals, raising awareness about different issues in Cambodia, sharing information of how reduce single-use plastic or how to compost your organic waste
– offering personal workshop trainings for businesses and their staffs (hotels and restaurants) : how to reduce their use of plastic, energy and water savings, organic waste management, etc.
– organising environmental movie screenings, clean ups, running a booth during major events, etc.
– offering workshops for free in Cambodian and international schools : talking about waste management and reduction with kids, mostly about why and how reducing single-use plastic. We can implement further projects with schools if they are motivated to, like implementing sorting bins, composting bin, reusing workshop, etc. or talking about other environmental topic.
Willing to support or collaborate on our projects? Please feel free to contact us at , we are always open to new collaborations. Together, we go further!


Clean Green Cambodia – No Plastic in my Hotel (Online conference) – June 16th, 2020

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