2022 Plastic Ban and Plastic Waste Export regulations

2018 Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste

In November 2018, through the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, the federal, provincial and territorial governments approved in principle a Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste. Building on the Ocean Plastics Charter, the strategy takes a circular economy approach to plastics and provides a framework for action in Canada. Aim: to achieve results in key areas of the strategy: product design, single-use plastics, collection systems, markets, recycling capacity, consumer awareness, aquatic activities, research and monitoring, clean-up, global action.

In June 2019, Environment Ministers approved the first phase of the action plan, which identifies the government activities that will support the implementation of the strategy. A second phase will follow in 2020 to address the last five key areas of the strategy.

Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste. Canada-wide Action Plan on Zero Plastic Waste Phase 1

Ocean Plastics Charter

Under Canada’s G7 presidency in 2018, we championed the development of the Ocean Plastics Charter to move toward a more sustainable approach to producing, using and managing plastics. By signing onto the Charter, governments, businesses and organizations join us in committing to a more resource-efficient and lifecycle approach to plastics stewardship, on land and at sea. Through these partnerships, we can grow the momentum for real action on plastic pollution around the world.

Ocean Plastics Charter