Germany – German Round Table Marine Litter


An initiative led by Federal Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks, Lower Saxony State Minister for Environment Stefan Wenzel, and President Maria Krautzberger of the German Environment Agency established the Round Table Against Marine Litter in March 2016. The round table aims to develop measures to counteract further pollution of the oceans and to raise broad public awareness of the problem and the need for action.

The round table works along the guidelines of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive which states that marine litter may not cause harm.

The Round Table Against Marine Litter hosts representatives from various industries including shipping and fishing, plastics, wastewater management, cosmetics, tyres, the retail trade, science, authorities at the federal, Land and municipal level, tourism, environmental associations and artists.

Scope of work

  • The Round Table provides an ideal platform for exchange and mutual support
  • The participants develop recommendations for action to combat marine litter.
  • Raising awareness
  • Providing recommendations on how the topic of marine litter can be integrated into school lesson plans




Stefanie Werner