Global Plastic Watch – map by Minderoo Foundation

About this map:

Global Plastic Watch (GPW) is a digital platform that maps the world’s plastic pollution in near real-time using a unique combination of satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. Using freely available data from the European Space Agency, GPW detects plastic waste sites on land and monitors them over time.

GPW can identify waste sites to enable site clean-ups and better enforcement of laws against dumping, provide risk indicators for existing plastic waste sites such as proximity to water or communities, highlight priority areas for investment in waste and recycling infrastructure, and demonstrate visible progress towards waste management targets.

Minderoo Foundation No Plastic Waste initiative has partnered with Earthrise Media to develop a tool that governments, funding agencies, intergovernmental organisations, NGOs, scientific researchers and the general public can use to make evidence-based decisions on how to manage and mitigate the world’s plastic pollution problem.

Minderoo Foundation is committed to eliminating the harmful effects of plastic on people and the planet.