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About the program

Indonesian Waste Platform promotes environmental education in Indonesia.Green Indonesia environmental education program has been developed for Indonesian primary and junior high schools in 2013. During 30 lessons children learn about the principles of 3R, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, the principles of Circular Economy, Food loss & Food Waste, the importance of waste separation at household and school level and how to manage a School Waste Bank.The program is introduced to schools in collaboration with local governmental  Education Departments by 2-day teacher trainings.

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Further information 

Green Indonesia learning materials have been adapted for Indonesia in collaboration with Happy Green World Foundation (HGW), the designer of the books. HGW also designs environmental learning materials on Water and Energy. The Green Indonesia learning materials are copyright of Happy Green World.Request a training We rely on donors to cover costs of printing our books and organise each training. For information you can contact Nina van Toulon –

Green Indonesia Teacher Activity Guide cover
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