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About Indonesian Waste Platform

Since 2010 we address pollution from land-based, riverine and marine-based sources in Indonesia. We started in East-Indonesia. After 5 years our stakeholder network had expanded nationwide and we established the Indonesian Waste Platform (IWP). In 2015 Indonesian Waste Platform was registered as a non-for-profit association. In 2018 we co-initiated the International Waste Platform, collaborating with our international network partners in 31 countries.

Collective Impact

Indonesian Waste Platform drives change based on the Collective Impact model

All stakeholders participating on this platform have a stake in the development, which is in actual fact often part of their own development.

Satellite platforms on Bali, Sumatera (Aceh and Tubaba), Garut on Java, Maluku, Sulawesi and in East Nusa Tenggara (Lembata, Manggarai & Manggarai-Barat) work hand in hand and along the same principles of Collective Impact in a structural way on joint initiatives: stakeholder capacity building, development of best-practices and implement those adapted to local context, news sharing.

Each satellite coordinator established a local cross-sector stakeholder network and created goodwill from stakeholders to collaborate.

Thus we support advancing decreasing the global climate and waste crisis in an inclusive manner and contribute with our expertise on the complex and structural problems of waste management, pollution from land-based, riverine and marine-based sources in Indonesia.

Our scope of work

collaboration & synergy

  • mapping stakeholders and their programs
  • facilitating cross-sector collaborations
  • creating synergy in agendas
  • engage stakeholder in national action plans and strategies

community-based waste management addressing

quality education & awareness campaigns

harmonisation & standards

  • citizen science harmonisation of monitoring protocols & data
  • strive for mandatory recyclability verification
  • standardisation of recycling information on packaging
  • standardisation of recycling information on bins

Participating stakeholders

Governmental organisations; Indonesian recycling sector; brand-owners; Indonesian Packaging Federation; NGO; educators; academia, universities & student groups; local champions; International organisations

Participants outreach

  • direct communications via our discussion forum. Engage ! and join us at our discussion forum
  • WhatsApp groups
  • virtual meetings and
  • webinars

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