Indonesia – Indonesian Waste Platform

Indonesian Waste Platform

IWP was established in October 2015 as a non-for-profit organisation supporting advancing and accelerating solutions on the global climate & waste crisis within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Solving the waste problems in Indonesia is complex and the responsibility of all individuals and institutions. A collective approach, stakeholder engagement, continuous communication and agenda synergy are needed to achieve the goal of reducing 70% of Marine Plastic Waste in Indonesia by 2040.  

In 2015 IWP filled the existing gap on connecting stakeholders from all sectors and bridging top-down strategies to bottom-up by opening a neutral communication platform in an open Facebook forum

Stakeholders are invited to join this meeting point to share updates about their efforts, scientific reports, strengthen their own networks and peer-to-peer capacity building. IWP promotes co-ownership and Collective Impact Approach

Gambaran umum IWP tahun 2021 – IWP overview 2021

Scope of work

collaboration & synergy

  • facilitating cross-sector collaborations
  • stakeholder mapping
  • creating synergy in agendas
  • engaging stakeholders in national action plans and strategies

quality education & awareness campaigns

waste management & reduction of litter

Komodo Report 2021

Publication February 2022. The report describes our interventions in island fishing communities in Komodo National Park off the coast of Flores and in Labuan Bajo in East Indonesia. It covers establishing a recyclables collection system & reduction of single-use packaging efforts.

Participating stakeholders

Governmental organisations; Indonesian recycling sector; brand-owners; Indonesian Packaging Federation; NGO; educators; academia, universities & student groups; local champions; International organisations

Participants outreach

  • direct communications via our discussion forum. Engage ! and join us at our discussion forum
  • WhatsApp groups
  • virtual meetings and
  • webinars

Endorsed by

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