London Protocol

In 1996, the “London Protocol” was agreed to further modernize the Convention and, eventually, replace it. Under the Protocol all dumping is prohibited, except for possibly acceptable wastes on the so-called “reverse list”. The Protocol entered into force on 24 March 2006 and there are currently 53 Parties to the Protocol.

These pages include general information for the public and for States interested in becoming Parties to the London Protocol 1996. Please click on the links to the left for further information on related issues. 

Information about the Convention and the Protocol can also be found in the information leaflet (currently available in English only) which contains details on what the London Convention is, achievements to date, the potential benefits and cost of membership, a shortlist of the current activities under the instruments and their relationship with other international agreements. 

The Office for the London Convention/Protocol and Ocean Affairs works closely with a number of international organizations and industry associations, a list can be found under the “Links and References” section to the left.

Please note that official documents for meetings under the Convention and Protocol or intersessional meetings of working groups under the instruments are only available from the IMODOCS website, at Registration is required to access the documents.