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Nepal Waste Recovery Platform is a joint initiative of the Blue Waste to Value (BW2V), Solid Waste Management Association of Nepal (SWMAN) and Waste Management Group (WMG) and it is a part of Public Private Partnership policy of the Government of Nepal, which enables the team to come up with strength on bringing the resources to value, so that it minimizes the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce the cost of production demand by lessening the use of natural resources of the country.  This encourages likeminded stakeholders in order to cater the effective waste collection, efficient waste segregation, waste processing/recycling/reuse, transfer and safe sanitary disposal. The initiative expects to build value for its stakeholders and client communities by satisfying waste disposal and energy generation needs with safe, reliable and environmentally superior solutions

About Blue Waste to Value (BW2V)

Blue Waste to Value (BW2V) is a social enterprise dedicated to turn the generated waste into value.  It has been serving the best with the aim to reduce the waste that is sent to the landfill. “BW2V is committed to: Be environmentally and socially responsible, Safeguard the people and the nation from health hazards, Carry out research, analysis and fuel for the organic healthy agro product, and Track the waste resources for the complete recovery”. One can reach out them here

About Solid Waste management Association of Nepal (SWMAN)

SWMAN is an association of the community, NGOs and private companies who have been involving actively in Solid waste management and Environment conservation sectors. Solid Waste Management Association of Nepal (SWMAN) has its more than 80 member stakeholders and it represent as their common organization to share technologies improvements and also discuss on the issues concerning the role to be played for the betterment of services impacting the lives of the cities.

About Waste Management Group P. Ltd.

WMG is a Private Solid Waste Management Company, associated 25+ companies together, aimed to bring resources together to serve proper solid waste management in place. Currently, this has been working in Bharatpur Metropolitan City (Chitwan) and Biratnagar Metropolitan City.

Clean-up and awareness campaign

Scope of work

We need to end littering in Nepal, especially in the urban cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Bharatpur (Chitwan), Nepalgunj, Janakpur and many more.  Waste prevention, REFUSE, Reduce, REUSE and Recycling are our primary focus and this also includes arrangement of separate collections and increasing citizen’s behavior change. Mega Clean up Network Campaigns like Bagmati/ Bishnumati/Rudramati/ Godawari/ Chakrapath and citywide are also required to upgrade its module through separate collection and take back for recycling and recovery integrating into the circular economy model in Nepal.

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