Nigeria – Nigeria Waste Platform

Scope of work

  • Facilitate the establishment of a cost-effective resilient waste management system in Nigeria.
  • Facilitate the establishment of waste management information system
  • Awareness / Advocacy. Public enlightenment programs lacked the needed coverage, intensity, and continuity to correct the apathetic public attitude towards the environment.

Nigeria is changing rapidly. Our physical environment is being degraded by waste, pollution, and other human-caused disruptions. Critical thinking is required, for us to better reduce, reuse and recycle our waste if we hope to find a lasting solution to the dilemma we face.

We need to reduce marine litter by addressing the management of the plastic value chain in Nigeria for an environmentally stimulated and enlightened public.

The Nigeria Waste Platform is advocating for a successful waste management in Nigeria through a holistic program that shall integrate all the technical, economic, social, cultural, and psychological factors that are often ignored in waste management programs.

The underlying principles and methods of science help us understand the processes of environmental change. Evidence is growing relentlessly that we are degrading our environment and consuming resources at unsustainable rates. Poor disposal of waste should be redressed. Hence this platform to start discussions on educating our citizens and needed actions to maximise technology for handling waste business across Nigeria.


Sonigitu Ekpe