Pakistan Waste Platform

about Pakistan Waste Platform

in 2017, a group was initiated to raise awareness and fill communication gaps by establishing a platform to voice the need for change on an individual, community, local, and nationwide level. The group is focused on growing discussions around current waste management and recycling practices. . The motivation is to make it easier for people living in Pakistan to choose zero waste and plastic-free lifestyles through the contributions of like-minded individuals.

As of December 2020, we transitioned to becoming a part of the International Waste Platform: Pakistan Waste Platform (PWP).

PWP is a ‘hub’ connecting stakeholders from all sectors, promoting and facilitating cross-sector collaboration, facilitating waste business development, promoting the forming a common shared vision, strategy, and action plans in collaboration across the public and private sector

scope of work

The core activities of the hub evolve around

  • Mapping of stakeholders and their programs
  • Promoting and facilitating collaboration cross-sector
  • Promoting synergy between stakeholders
  • Capacity building
  • Promoting stakeholder engagement in national action plans and strategies
  • Promote the forming of such national action plans and strategies in countries/regions which have not yet have developed these
  • Country/ regional specific activities
  • Sharing sector-wide learnings
  • Sharing of benchmark projects and practices
  • Connecting global solutions and learnings to local context action
  • Sharing opportunities with individuals and keen learners.

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