Philippines – Philippine Waste Platform

Philippine Waste Platform was established in 2018 andis a ‘hub’ connecting stakeholders from all sectors, promoting and facilitating cross-sector collaboration, facilitating waste business development, promoting the forming a common shared vision, strategy and action plans in collaboration with national and local government

Scope of work

• Building the stakeholder network & promoting the need for cross-sector collaboration;
• Supporting the forming of a common shared vision and strategy – promoting co-ownership;
• Collecting and disseminate data;
• News sharing;
• Signalling trends and opportunities;
• Capacity building;
• Responding to participants inquiries;
• Organise stakeholder meetings;
• Collaborate with other regional and country networks;
• Supporting the internationalisation of environmental education – connecting Indonesian Universities / students to foreign universities and learning centres.

Our public awareness & education programs are implemented by Seed4Com

About Seed4Com

Ecoleaders camp to train grassroots champions on environmental laws, leadership and building teams done face to face and online.

EcoArts exhibits and caravan in public spaces and malls

Convener of our National Clean Up Day and build a nationwide coalition since 2014 that started the Let’s do it Philippines to National Clean Up Day Coalition

Ecobricks to prevent plastic pollution to our biosphere

Zero waste academy Philippines

Green Bank Ph turning wastes to cash through recycling and up-cycling.

Collaboration with different national and companies for educational awareness, clean up and prevention. We conduct talks and workshops and collaborate for research and development projects as well as implement national or international programs on wastes management and solutions.


Dann Diez, Coordinator

email +639561839600