Role of Packaging in Reducing Food Waste

Recorded on Nov 18, 2019

Description: Food packaging protects the content, extents shelf life and shares product information. However, packaging also results in waste. To what extent is food packaging creating added value? This webinar discusses the role of packaging in reducing food waste and what is needed to change towards a more sustainable society.


Helén Williams, Associate Professor, Karlstad University

Helén Williams is an associate professor of Environment and Energy system and part of the multi-disciplinary Service Research Center at Karlstad University. For the past 10 years she has been done innovative research in the area of Packaging for Sustainable Development. It is about understanding the role of packaging for resource efficiency in the value chain and specifically their role in households.

Richard Swannell, Director, WRAP Global

Richard is committed to working on ways of reducing man’s impact on the environment. A biochemist by training, he has a strong expertise in delivering more resource efficient and sustainable practices within businesses, and on reducing food waste and increasing recycling. He is Director of WRAP GLOBAL, a business unit of WRAP- a UK charity, at the forefront of the circular economy – thought leaders, champions of action and catalysts for change.


Gijs Langeveld, Principal Consultant, Project Gijs

Gijs enjoys setting up initiatives which solve complex problems in areas of circular economy and waste management. His areas of expertise are food and organic waste, plastics, sustainable packaging, behavioural aspects, sustainable smart cities and metropolitan areas, refugee camps, business strategy, change management and entrepreneurship. 

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