consumer participation

you, we, all consumers can drive change by contacting brand-owners

Do you prefer refilling in reusable packaging versus the use of single-use packaging? Do you wonder if a packaging is recyclable? Do you observe excessive non-functional empty space inside a packaging? Feel free to download the templates below to request information from brand-owners. Most packaging has printed information with contact details of the producer and or distributor. Recommended view : Living Landscape Reusable Solutions Database

do you like to ask the producer of your brand to advance refill options or to provide you with refill locations ?

Request for refilling


do you have questions about recyclability of a packaging ?



Micro-beads – call for consumer participation by Plastic Soup Foundation

DARE TO CARE – Send a message to your brand asking producers to stop using microplastics in cosmetics. Find your favourite brand below and send them the message with one click.

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