SURINAME – Green Heritage Fund Suriname

The Green Heritage Fund Suriname was established in October 2005 and is a charitable nonprofit. Our mission is moving all Surinamers to make wise decisions for the sustainable use of our natural resources. GHFS currently runs 4 programs, which seek to ensure sustainable development of Suriname’s natural resources and biodiversity.

Geographic Area

The work of Green Heritage Fund Suriname focuses mainly on the coastal zone and the marine area. The sloths and anteaters we rescue come from urban areas. The dolphins, sea turtles and manatees are mainly found in the river estuaries and in the coastal zone. In addition, the communities we work with for our educational activities are also found mainly in the coastal zone. We cooperate with environmental organizations that work in the interior of Suriname and support their work in any way we can.

The Dolphin Program started out as a community monitoring program by a group of volunteers of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname on almost every Sunday. The research is conducted in the Suriname River Estuary between Leonsberg and Braamspunt where since 2005 basic data was collected on the wild Sotalia guianensis dolphin population. Next to the collection of basic data, the program has trained volunteers and other stakeholders, and has been providing education and information to the general public. Currently, the dolphin program has expanded in more general marine conservation issues. Within this context we started becoming involved in land-based sources of pollution.


Raise awareness about land-based sources of pollution and the impact on ocean health


  • Give presentations on land-based sources of pollution
  • Organize beach and river bank clean-ups
  • Organize events around World Ocean Day to raise awareness on land-based sources of pollution
  • Engage in partnerships to try to stem land-based sources of pollution reaching the ocean

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Monique Pool, Director, Green Heritage Fund Suriname