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Who we are

Thant Myanmar is a Yangon-based nonprofit organization born out of a movement against plastic pollution. We are supported by experts and volunteers across Myanmar where we work with government, civil society and the private sector to raise awareness on plastic pollution’s negative environmental impact and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.

What we care about

  • Reducing the use and dependency on single-use plastic products by creating awareness on its environmental impact
  • Supporting the use of sustainable alternatives
  • Supporting companies, policymakers and civil society to identify plastic reduction strategies and to take relevant action
  • Designing and driving campaigns allowing individuals, businesses and organizations to take action against plastic pollution

Why we care

Myanmar is on the verge of a plastic crisis. Every day, 119 tons of plastic waste leaks into the ocean from the Irrawaddy River – the country’s largest river and as of 2019 the ninth most polluted river in the world. An inadequate waste collection infrastructure, non-existent waste segregation and low levels of awareness on plastic pollution and littering behavior are among the most pressing challenges facing Myanmar. Plastic not only ruins the country’s nature but also gambles with its residents’ health and kills its wildlife. In order to move towards a plastic-free future, we have to do more than just complain about plastic pollution. Therefore, Thant Myanmar has brought together a nationwide network of people who share the same concerns and are ready to take action.

Environmental education programs online : open access virtual courses on various topics at – online courses

Our campaigns

Free water refill

In Myanmar, more than 2 billion plastic water bottles are used every year. Donating water is an old tradition in the country, where water is believed to be a common good. We aim to revive this tradition and urge people to be part of it by donating water and refilling their bottles – especially throughout the tourism and hospitality industry where particularly much water is consumed through plastic bottles.

Need that bag?

An average urban resident in Myanmar uses 112 plastic bags per month. “Need that bag?” is a campaign that aims to encourage businesses to only hand out plastic bags upon request. We provide businesses, CSOs and community members with an in-depth understanding of plastic pollution and enable them to become change makers.

Straws suck!

One straw per week – 52 straws per year – is what an urban resident in Myanmar consumes on average. Straws pollute at every stage of their existence: Manufacturing, use and disposal. Our “Straws suck”-campaign urges actors in the food and beverage industry to only hand out straws upon request or to provide alternatives to plastic straws such as bamboo or metal straws at their venues.

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