Ukraine – Zero Waste Society


We are developing in Ukraine a culture of conscious consumption and responsible production, which meets the principles of zero waste and circular economy, in order to preserve resources and human health.

Our projects

Brand Audit Is a campaign supported and conducted with the Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) movement. We count and document the brands found on plastic waste collected at a cleanup to help identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution. We urge these companies to move towards real solutions that eliminate the need for single-use plastic packaging altogether.

#WeChooseReuse A campaign launched by BFFP, aimed at making reusables a new norm in society. We communicate with consumers, businesses and local government to support reusable business models.

Education We conduct lectures and webinars for companies, organizations and educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad on topics of Zero Waste, Climate Change and Circular Economy. We are co-organizers of “Go Zero Danube” educational youth exchange.

Anti-incineration We spread information about impacts of waste incineration (including health hazards and climate change impact) and work on prevention of building of new waste incineration facilities in Ukraine


Address : Kyiv, Ukraine


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