Vietnam – Plastic Action Network

Scope of work

  • Organise regular meetings with group members to exchange ideas and discuss ‘lessons learned’ and how to improve capacity;
  • Organise seminars or technical meetings based on concerns of network members;
  • Capacity building for network members;
  • Share ideas and initiatives, projects/ programs on plastic waste management;
  • Create basic template for e-newsletter to ensure continuous flow of information and provide monthly updates to stakeholders;
  • Develop communication tools on situation analysis in green solutions and initiatives for communities;
  • Develop database on relevant policies and recommendations for government based on practices and projects implemented by members;
  • Provide consultation and comments for policies and legal documents.


30 members of the network include government agencies, local businesses, civic groups, professional organizations, communities and individuals. Any interested groups or persons who are willing to contribute to the network activities and commit to comply with organizational rules and regulations can register to join.

Advisory Board of the Network

  • Key members: A.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Chu Hoi; A.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Kim Thai; Senior Advisor. Boris Fabres
  • Other members: Advisory Board of NAB Network under IUCN/MarPlastics program (in which GreenHub and PAN Network is the Secretary)

Connection with other networks

  • NAB: The network of initiatives to reduce ocean and coastal plastic pollution under MARPLASTICS project by IUCN
  • CafeRAC: Expert group – providing consultation of relevant policies in plastic waste management
  • ZeroWaste Alliance (VZWA): A social network including organizations and individuals practicing and replicating zero-waste lifestyles

Link to website and / or social media

Facebook website


Ms Nguyen Thu Trang: Project Manager – Network Director +84 24 62926764

Ms Ta Linh Chi: Network Coordinator