Brazil – Environmental Agency Pick-upau

Who we are

The Pick-upau Environmental Agency is a non-governmental, non-profit environmental organization founded in Brazil in 1999 by three former members of Greenpeace.

Originally created in the Brazilian Cerrado, it is headquartered near one of the last and most important Atlantic Forest reserves in the city of São Paulo, the Fontes do Ipiranga State Park. As it is a general environmental organization, without a single flag, the Pick-upau Environmental Agency owns and develops projects in various socio-environmental areas.

From education and socio-environmental journalism, through the Pick-upau Portal – Environmental Universe, with completely free content; passing through programs of forest production of seeds and seedlings of native species of Brazilian biomes; reforestation of degraded areas and formation of new forests; public policies, through acting in councils, movements and networks; neutralization and compensation of greenhouse gases and mitigation of climate change, through the recovery of forest fragments; mitigating the production, consumption and disposal of single-use plastic and conserving the oceans; to scientific research, with an emphasis on the biodiversity of fauna, flora and endangered species.

Our mission

Sensitize and Mobilize Society in the Defense of the Environment and Biodiversity. The Pick-upau Environmental Agency is a non-governmental, non-profit, generalist organization that works in favor of the environment, through its institutional projects, campaigns and socio-environmental awareness actions. To fulfill this mission, the Organization works in activities focused on the climate; oceans; scientific research on biodiversity; sustainable consumption and rational use of natural resources; collaborating with public policies aimed at environmental conservation; formation of new forests and environmental awareness of society.

Our values

Pick-upau defends the adoption of economically sustainable attitudes that can promote economic and social development, with less impact on the planet and that guarantee viable conditions for future generations. We have as values ​​the principles of ethics, peace, human rights, democracy, justice and responsibility that are applied in our projects, campaigns and actions.

We believe that our mission can only be achieved if we consider values ​​such as independence of ideas and the courage necessary to face the challenges of environmental conservation in Brazil and in the world.

Maintain respect for institutions, legal regulations, good rules of institutional and corporate coexistence and communities.

Collaboration and union of efforts involving partners and communities that work in the conservation, preservation and maintenance of the environment, combining responsibility and transparency in our actions.

The Pick-upau Environmental Agency is guided by science and all our environmental conservation guidelines are based on it, in the search for solutions that collectively meet the needs of maintaining natural resources.

About Plastic no Thanks

Plastic no Thanks is a movement that works to eliminate or at least reduce plastic pollution on the planet, especially those for single use, packaging and disposable parts, such as cups and straws. This type of waste has become a challenge for humanity. Plastic has a great impact on the lives of animals, humans and pollutes all forms of waterways such as streams, rivers and oceans.

We understand that this challenge can only be faced with the participation of all civil society. Companies, governments, institutions and people must play an active role in the entire chain of production, use, consumption, reduction, recycling and disposal of plastic.

That’s why we encourage and encourage everyone to participate in actions, activities and solutions to mitigate this major environmental problem. Participate, share your actions and ideas.

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