Choose reusable period products

The average women will menstruate once a month, for roughly 35 to 40 years of her life. That’s approximately 3000 days—more than 8 years—of periods during her lifetime. At any given time, 800 million women and youth worldwide are menstruating. (source WaterAid)
Imagine how much single-use material can be avoided by using reusable materials!

The vast majority of single-use period products end up littered or incinerated, with devastating impact on our planet, polluting marine environment and fresh water sources, leaching in non-sanitary landfills, damaging our health and causing biodiversity loss. Production of single-use plastics has an impact on climate.

This is our new poster to promote reusable products during period.

Posters in other languages will be published soon !

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Collaboration between #LessPlasticUk & #International Waste Platform

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