Teach.Tackle.Transform. environmental education case studies from the International Waste Platform

Session at the second international conference of the African Marine Waste Network

On 26 May 2022 International Waste Platform members from South Africa, Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nigeria, Madagascar and Germany contributed with a session on #SDG4 Environmental Education – presenting case studies from various parts of the world.

Session coördination by Jella Kandziora

session introduction by Jella Kandziora
case study South Africa by Sustainable Seas Trust – Philippa Lascelles
slides presentation by Philippa Lascelles
statement from Nigeria Waste Platform by Sonigitu Epke
case study Australia by Tangaroa Blue – Kara-mae Coulter-Atkins 
case study Myanmar by Thant Myanmar – Friedor Jeske. slides presentation by Friedor Jeske
statement from Madagascar Waste Platform by Fanja Rakotoaritera

case study Indonesia by Indonesian Waste Platform – Nina van Toulon Slides can be found here, they contain links to more information link